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Tree Biotechnology Project

The Tree Biotechnology Project was established in 1997 under the then Forest Health Management Centre of Forest Department, as technology transfer project to improve tree planting stock by adoption of basic biotechnology techniques applied in tree breeding. The vision of the Project is to promote sustainable poverty alleviation through improved access to affordable natural resources.







Through application of proven biotechnologies, the Project aims at making a significant environmental contribution in the form of reduction in deforestation in Kenya and promotion of sustainable forest management through widespread dissemination and distribution of improved varieties of seedlings and clones at low costs.


  1. General Administration, coordination and project implementation at the Project office, Karura, Nairobi.
  2. Tree clonal propagation
    1. Macro-propagation of elite Eucalyptus hybrid clones started in 2001.
    2. Optimization of macro-propagation of selected indigenous tree spp mainly Prunus africana, Warbugia ugandensis started in 2004.
    3. Adoption and training on technology deepening by tunnel methods for small-scale village based propagators started in 2004.
  3. Eldoret Clonal Tree Center opened in March ,2004 for distribution and extension to for farmers in Western Kenya Region,

Kenya Forestry Research Institute
Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International

P.O. Box 64159 - 00620
Tel: 254 - 20 - 3767700/3767028
Fax: 254 - 20 - 3767944
Clonal Nursery Tel: 254 - 20 - 6752886
Nairobi, Kenya
E- mail: info@tree-biotech.com

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